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Health Coaching 

Confused by all the options to improve your health?
With all the information coming out everyday on different health benefits of particular foods and the rules for movement, it can be extremely overwhelming to figure out where to start when trying to improve your health. 
A Health Coach is there to help you wade through all that information and find habits that work for you that are sustainable and realistic to your busy lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed or like you are in a deprived state of eating.
As a Health Coach, my programs are individualized to fit the needs & personal goals of my clients. 

My Mission: To educate, empower and inspire people on the healing powers of food, positive mindset and daily movement, while improving the overall health & well-being of our communities and beyond.
We will work together to create and implement actionable and sustainable ways for you to improve your health. No crash diets, no fads, just small steps related to nutrition, fitness, and mindset that lead to big changes over time.
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Read what Harvard Medical School has to say about health coaching and The American Council on Exercise's Ace Health Coach certification by clicking here.

 **Please consult your physician before starting any exercise and/or diet routine.**
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