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Energy Healing

Did you know that...
• Everything is energy. Your thoughts are energy. Your emotions are energy. You are made up of subtle energy.
• If you wish to create, change and shift your circumstance - then you must go to the energetic root.
• Like attracts like - if you hold, let's say, fear energy - guess what you'll attract more of into your life? Yep, fear.
• If you ignore or shove down your emotions, it is highly likely that you will actually trap them in your body.
• Low vibratory energies, such as trapped emotions, can cause physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual issues. 
Energy healing is all about the movement of our energy flow. Our energy can become stagnant in the body where there has been physical injury or emotional pain. Over time, these energy blocks can contribute to many types of illness.
Energy healing restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, soul, and spirit. It works directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our well-being.
Emotion Code/Body Code is a form of energy healing the removes your body's energy blocks by removing Trapped Emotions, imbalances, misalignments and disconnections. 
Once these type of blocks are removed your body is able to heal itself emotionally and physically.
According to energy healing is a candidate for use on many medical conditions. For more information on that visit the article by clicking the link here
Possible benefits once you BREAK FREE from the energies and emotions that are holding you back:

A victim no longer                     Conquered fears                               Literally feeling lighter
Self-sabotage no more             Reduced anxiety, panic                     Decreased stress
Boosted self-esteem                 More positive outlook                        More love in your life
Peace with the past                  Better connection with others            Decreased physical pain  
Increased self-confidence         Freed from emotional shackles         Increased happiness and joy
                                                  No more heartache
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