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Vaping Danger

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Today’s health tip is about a very serious subject that you may have already heard about and needs to be repeated.

Currently, state and federal health officials are investigating almost 200 cases of a mysterious lung illness linked to vaping in at least 14 states, many of them are teens or young adults. A large number of those stricken by this mysterious illness have been hospitalized and now there has been one confirmed death.

Officials are warning the public to be on alert for what they describe as a serious and potentially dangerous lung illness. Right now, they don’t know if the illness is associated with the e-cigarette devices themselves, or with specific ingredients or contaminants inhaled through them. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or chest pain, fever, cough and vomiting.

If you are currently using e-cigarettes please strongly consider stopping right away, at least until they figure out what is causing these illnesses. And if you know someone who is currently vaping, please tell them about this.

Life is too important not take this seriously.

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